Tent Profiles

A frame tent is a free-standing structure which is built to stand on its own and carry the cover. The tent top is strapped to the perimeter of the frame. Frame tents offer some advantages over pole tents. In all cases, there are no interior poles inside the tent. A frame tent is supported by perimeter legs surrounding the tent. In contrast, pole tents have perimeter legs and will have a least one pole in the center of the tent to carry the fabric. The internal space of the frame tents is open. Although a frame tent is free-standing, anchoring is still necessary to ballast the tent in place. The installer has multiple options for securing a tent including weights or permanently anchoring the legs.

Pole tents are “tensioned” tents. They have one or more center poles, which give it a classic silhouette with high peaks. The perimeter poles are tensioned & staked to the ground using guy ropes or webbed straps to hold it in place.

The FlexFrame™ Tent is a commercial and is celebrated as the industry’s most flexible frame system for commercial renters. The system is amazingly simple, utilizing a series of 6 different length frame pipes and common frame fittings- interchangeable throughout the line of tents. Depending on how these interchangeable parts are arranged different tent sizes are possible. This feature allows our customers to share parts and pipes across all tent sizes, walkways, and marquis tents, thus maximizing the flexibility and value of their rental assets.

Force Protection Tents

Norfolk specialize in Military frame tents, tarps, covers & dog shacks. Extremely flexible with multiple applications, Norfolk’s military tents are completely customizable with crests and logos.

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GSA, Woman Owned with over 15 years of contract experience & over 100 years of military experience. WWI WWII & Vietnam and beyond.