Frame Tents

We offer commercial-grade frame tents, which range from 10′ wide to 40′ wide with various lengths. Huge inventory and Made in America.


The FlexFrame™ Tent is a commercial and is celebrated as the industry’s most flexible frame system for commercial renters. The system is amazingly simple, utilizing a series of 6 different length frame pipes and common frame fittings- interchangeable throughout the line of tents. Depending on how these interchangeable parts are arranged different tent sizes are possible. This feature allows our customers to share parts and pipes across all tent sizes, walkways, and marquis tents, thus maximizing the flexibility and value of their rental assets.


FlexPlus™ utilizes kedered tops, which slide into channels on the frame. There are many advantages to this upgrade on the traditional west-coast frame tent design:

  • eliminates buckles & rain flaps creating a tighter, smoother look
  • More weather resistant
  • Easier installation
  • You can upgrade your FlexFrame™ to a FlexPlus™ because they use the same fittings

FlexFrame Marquee™

The FlexFrame Marquee is a tent typically used for walkways and connections between 2 tents. They come in 8’ and 10’ width, as well as a 16’ wide version which is also available for use with connecting Clearspan tents on 5-meter spacing. The FlexFrame Marquee can be made with either a hip-end or gable end. Both versions are available in any length in 5′ or 10’ increments.